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What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a highly-effective marketing method that leverages personalised content that focuses on attracting quality prospects for your company, converts that traffic into leads and ultimately closes them as customers. This effective blend of content marketing tactics aligns your website and content channels with your ideal customer (buyer personas or avatars) that naturally brings prospects to your website. As an end result, you’ll build a dream customer client base.

How it Works

Content + Technology + People = More Qualified Leads + More Sales


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Like any new endeavor, it should start with a Great game plan.

Before anything is started we have a workshop to develop a very specific, Custom-Build Inbound Marketing game plan.

We will discuss the following Touch-Points:

Content Creation

Content is developed and then disseminated that is specific to a buyer persona. That content provides helpful and useful information to give answers to the specific pain points your buyers may be seeking help with. You then take that content and deliver it to the world.

Lifecycle Marketing

You recognise that people go through stages as they interact with your company, and that each stage requires different marketing actions. As they progress through the sales funnel we change the messaging to suit the buying stage.


As we learn more about your sales leads over time, we can better personalise your message to their specific needs. We measure everything and every interaction and the intelligence is applied on a continuous basis. We even zoom in on age, gender and location to improve targeting.


Inbound Marketing by its very definition is designed to reach people where they hangout. You want to deliver content that is relevant and gets to the buyers where they live and where they can interact with you. We find them where they spend time online, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other relevant platforms.


Your website, your content, your analytics and your strategy are all integrated with a state-of-the-art marketing automation set of tools. This gives you the power to devote all of your marketing energy on getting the right content in the right place and at the right time for your pre-defined campaigns.

We help grow your business with an inbound marketing process that attracts, converts and provides with a measurable end result.

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Inbound Marketing Services we offer

Marketing Automation


We will streamline your online marketing efforts with software that automates routine processes, provides analytics, optimizes outreach efforts, and offers high level number crunching that results in actionable intelligence. You can think of marketing automation as a high-speed and very accurate digital marketing effort.


Social Media has grown from being a mere digital channel for “socialising” with other media, into one of the most powerful digital marketing tools for brands and businesses. It has proven a very cost-effective way for promotion and advertising in a new, subtle and very personal way that we found that businesses are doubling their Social Media Marketing budgets.

Social Media Marketing

Website Design


Having a business website that converts is a huge benefit. It is the single most inexpensive and effective way to advertise your business and to reach customers and prospects searching online. Because we understand lead generation, we build websites that convert and get you leads faster than your competition.


Email marketing pushes sales and converts more leads into customers, it is all about sending commercial messages to customers via email. Through email marketing, SnappSales will promote brand awareness with your customers, establish better relationships between your company and your customers, and persuade new and current customers to make a purchase.

Email Marketing

Content Marketing


Content creation is a powerful tool to strengthen bonds with your customers, attract potential customers and meet business goals in a buyer-first world. Awesome content marketing delighting your audiences with invaluable content. We know that providing invaluable content translates to loyalty and more sales.


Whether your business is a national chain or a one-person operation, you can benefit from pay per click advertising. Pay per click (PPC) advertising has a great reach and targets the customers you want in a variety of places and locations. PPC ads are shown on search engine results pages, social media sites, and in the sidebars of many other types of websites.

PPC Management



SEO enables you to more effectively reach your target market. SEO is the only form of advertising where a company is able to direct their efforts purely to the people who are searching for their products or services, and it has proven to be very effective when done the SnappSales way. We will help your potential clients find your website when they search for your product or service on Google and Facebook.


Inbound Sales makes SnappSales uniquely different from other lead generation agencies globally. We will call every form fill, every person who interacts with your brand, your website and your social media channels. We will qualify and nurture your leads to a point of “sales readiness” and send you a quality, qualified lead.

Inbound Sales

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